9 mobile apps every nurse should download

5 productivity tools and tricks for nurses

While there's no limit to what you're expected to know as a nurse, you can, fortunately, access a little help via your smartphone. Many apps are available that let you do everything from identifying medications by their size, shape and imprint to helping you recover from a stressful shift.

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The following nine mobile apps are ones that every nurse should download:


How it's available: Android and iOS downloads

Price: Free

Who recommends it: Everynurse.org and nearly every list of recommended apps for nurses

Why you'll want it: You'll get the latest medical news that's targeted by specialty as well as FDA announcements, medical calculators, drug references, continuing education coursework and more.

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Pill Identifier by Drugs.com

How it's availableiOS download

Price: 99 cents

Who recommends itnursejournal.org

Why you'll want it: This app helps you quickly identify more than 12,000 medications by their imprint, shape, color or name.


How it's availableiOS download

Price: Free

Who recommends itHOSTHealthcare

Why you'll want it: MediBabble helps you take histories and physical exams of non-English speaking patients. It downloads with English and Spanish included, and French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, German and Haitian Creole can be downloaded for free within the app. After the app is downloaded, it doesn't require Internet connectivity.

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MedPage Today

How it's availableAndroid and iOS downloads

Price: Free

Who recommends itscrubsmag.com

Why you'll want it: MedPage Today covers breaking medical news and also lets you earn free CME and continuing education credits through the app.


How it's availableAndroid and iOS downloads

Price: Free

Who recommends it: nursebuff.com

Why you'll want it: This app provides a wealth of help, including drug prescribing and safety information, insurance formularies, interaction checks, dosing calculators and other tools, CDC and FDA updates and more.

Disease Dictionary 

How it's availableAndroid and iOS downloads

Price: Free

Who recommends itnursebuff.com

Why you'll want it: This medical dictionary app has detailed definitions of disorders and diseases, as well as definitions, symptoms, causes and treatments.

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How it's availableAndroid and iOS download

Price: Free

Who recommends itthejobnetwork.com

Why you'll want it: NurseGrid was created by nurses to help make their schedules easier, and it can help you organize and coordinate your work and personal life with calendars and color-coding.


How it's availableAndroid and iOS downloads

Price: Free

Who recommends itmasmedicalstaffing.com

Why you'll want it: Nursing can be extremely stressful, and you need to take care of yourself in order to be at your best. Headspace offers guided meditations, "SOS" sessions for moments of stress, sleep sounds to help you drift off and more.

Nursing Central

How it's availableAndroid and iOS

Price: $161.95 for an annual subscription

Who recommends it: diversity nursing blog

Why you'll want it: This one is pricey, but it lets you access detailed information on diseases, tests and procedures and includes access to Diseases and Disorders, Davis' Drug Guide, Taber's Medical Dictionary and Davis' Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests.