Girls who battled cancer add new photo to their viral series

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Three girls are smiling bigger and brighter than ever.

That’s because each is well on her way to beating cancer.

Rheann Franklin, 7, Ainsley Peters, 5, and Rylie Hughey, 4, all from Oklahoma, bonded in 2014 as they found themselves in a fight for their lives.

The initial photo was taken in April 2014, and quickly went viral. In July 2014, the girls’ families announced that they were in remission, and a follow-up photo was taken.

This month, the trio has gathered again, and the news remains promising.

Franklin completed her final round of chemotherapy this week, Hughey is celebrating being cancer free for 15 months and Peters is receiving maintenance chemotherapy until the fall, according to the Today report.

The families said the girls have developed a special bond and stay in touch with one another.

Here are the first two images in the series.