Georgia couple’s TikTok love story going viral

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Coronavirus: Kentucky family’s TikTok goes viral

From the gym, through medical school and becoming parents, Atlanta ob/gyn tells her story

Georgians are ramping up their TikTok game during this pandemic.

Just this week, we've seen a Georgia Tech student get Disney's attention, a Georgia Aquarium sea lion win a dance-off, and now an ob/gyn featured on GMA and Today.

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Dr. Nicole Sparks already has her hands full as a doctor, mother, wife and lifestyle blogger, but found time to record her journey with husband Timothy Sparks.

The 45-second TikTok, set to “Duduke,” by Rinyu, tells the couple’s story by using their shoes. As each stage of their life changes, they “hop” into another pair of shoes — starting with athletic ones and transitioning into heels and ultracomfortable residency footwear.


Shout to my husband for all of his support during this crazy medical journey. ##graysanatomy ##medicine ##doctor ##obgyn ##whitecoat

♬ Duduke - Rinyu

“Each set of shoes represents how we grew together through each and every stage of life including the challenges of balancing marriage with medical school, an OB-GYN residency and becoming parents,” Nicole Sparks told Today.

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She told GMA the video was created “out of appreciation for my husband and his support during all the stages of our journey — especially in medical school and residency where it was particularly difficult. We were long distance during medical school and drove back and forth every weekend to see each other.”

The couple married nine years ago, and their two children appear in the video.

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Since posting a week ago, the video has more than a million likes and 15,000 comments.

Sparks also runs her own web page, where she blogs about motherhood, medicine, travel and more.

Her “about” page states she offers “a glimpse into my crazy world of medicine, family, lifestyle and travel and how I try to balance it all. I truly believe that women are amazing human beings with our ability to handle motherhood and our careers.”

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