Former UGA player Matthew Stafford surprises family who suffered a big loss

Who is Matthew Stafford's wife, Kelly Stafford? Kelly Stafford married former University of Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford in 2015. The pair have three daughters: twins Chandler and Sawyer and Hunter Kelly had surgery in April 2019 to remove a non-cancerous brain tumor. The growth was an acoustic neuroma that took 12 hours to remove. After a setback, Kelly went from working to regain mobility to boxing in the gym in four months.

The Detroit Lions quarterback and his wife made an unexpected visit to three young boys

The first Christmas after losing a loved one can be tough, but former UGA quarterback Matthew Stafford helped uplift three boys who recently lost their father.

Stafford, a current Detroit Lions player, and his wife Kelly Stafford, visited the home of a set of brothers who are Lions fans.

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Deana Harb is the cousin of the boys’ late father. She posted footage to Facebook of the Staffords’ surprise home visit ahead of Christmas.

"If you ever, for a second, worry about 'goodness' in the world," she wrote in part in the caption. "If you ever think professional athletes don't connect with people...Watch this."

“People are so, so, good. And I know my cousin is beaming from Heaven,” Harb concluded.

Footage shows the boys in disbelief as they opened the door to see Matthew and Kelly Stafford. AndtThe couple didn’t come empty handed, either, as they had a huge gift bag by their side.

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The Pro Bowl quarterback stuck around to play video games with the boys. Matthew Stafford even played Madden NFL as himself.

The viral video follows what's been a tough year for the Staffords, too. In April, Kelly Stafford underwent a 12-hour brain tumor surgery. After her release following the removal of the non-cancerous growth, the mother of three daughters suffered a setback.

While Kelly Stafford continues her recovery, her husband was placed on the injured reserve list, Yahoo Sports reported. The 31-year-old has been dealing with fractured bones in his back.