Learn to make Bon Ton’s Cajun-style shrimp and grits with heads on

Is there any chance of getting the recipe for Bon Ton's Shrimp and Grits? On a recent visit, I was surprised not only to find the shrimp served with the head on in my bowl, but I was also delighted at how filling and delicious it was! Topped with a softly fried egg, the presentation was lovely, and I look forward to serving it to my more discerning guests. — Susan Dugan, Decatur

The Bon Ton folks were happy to share this recipe which is really New Orleans-style barbecue shrimp served on top of creamy grits. It’s just the right shrimp and grits for a Cajun-style restaurant. We cut down the pepper, salt and five-spice powder to about half what the restaurant specified in order to make a less spicy dish, but please double up if you’d like a more authentic experience.

The restaurant uses Coor’s Light for the light beer here and serves the dish with plenty of thick-sliced, buttered and toasted French bread for sopping up that delicious sauce.

The recipe serves one. Just scale up as needed.

From the menu of … Bon Ton, 674 Myrtle St., Atlanta. 404-996-6177. bontonatl.com/

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