Give up Starbucks for a month and earn $1,000

Atlanta's coffee lovers rival the most dedicated in the world. Last week's Best of Atlanta poll discovered the best coffee shops in town.

You don’t have to give up coffee, though. You just have to give up ‘corporate coffee’ is looking for Starbucks addicts, and will pay you to kick the habit.

But there’s more to it. You can still drink coffee, it just has to be local instead of corporate. Oh, and they’ll pay you $1,000.

The ideal candidate, its website says, "seriously loves their coffee." If selected, you have to give up Starbucks and other corporate coffee shops and get your caffeine from only local sources for a month.

You will have to visit at least eight local coffee houses, share your experience on social media and write a short summary of the month, among other responsibilities.

There is no drug test or background check. will pay 25 percent upfront (that’s $250) and the remainder when you’ve completed the job.

Why is doing this?

"Here at, we're all about supporting local small businesses. So over the next six months, we'll pay three lucky people to drink coffee, buy holiday gifts, and eat pizza," Chloe Gawrych wrote.

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The deadline to apply is September 30. You can sign up online by clicking here.

Details about holiday shopping and pizza haven't been released yet, but you'll find them here when they are.