Atlanta ranked one of America’s top coffee cities

Atlanta's coffee lovers rival the most dedicated in the world. Last week's Best of Atlanta poll discovered the best coffee shops in town.

Whether you're an espresso junkie, prefer frozen sugary goodness or like your cup of joe perfectly black and bitter, Atlanta's local coffee scene has something for everyone.

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The city recently ranked among the best coffee cities in America, according to personal finance website WalletHub's latest analysis.

To determine the best cities for coffee lovers, WalletHub researchers compared the 100 most populated cities in the country across the following 14 key metrics:

  1. Average price per pack of coffee
  2. Average price of a cappuccino
  3. Average spending on coffee per household
  4. Share of adult coffee drinkers
  5. Share of households that own coffee makers
  6. Affordable coffee shops, coffee houses, cafes rated 4.5+ stars per capita
  7. Coffee shops, coffee houses and cafes per capita
  8. Coffee and tea manufacturers per capita
  9. Coffee shops with free Wi-Fi per capita
  10. Donut shops per capita
  11. Google search term traffic for the term "coffee"
  12. "Coffee Lovers" Meet-ups per capita
  13. Presence of coffee-centric events or Coffee Championships
  14. Average ranking of coffee shops on The Daily Meal's "50 Best Coffee Shops" list
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Of the 100 cities included, New York City came out on top, followed by Seattle, San Francisco, Portland and Los Angeles.

Toledo, Ohio; Birmingham, Alabama; Detroit and Laredo, Texas, scored worst of the most populated U.S. cities.

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For the second year in a row, Atlanta ranked 16th on the list.

Here’s more on how the city fared:

  • Overall rank: 16
  • Average spending on coffee per household: 16
  • Coffee shops, coffee houses and cafes per capita: 18
  • Average price of a cappuccino: 47
  • Coffee and tea manufacturers per capita: 56

Plan to try out some local brew? Consider Dancing Goats, which earned the title best coffee in Atlanta inthis year's AJC poll.

Other coffee shops worth mentioning: Rev Coffee Roasters, Land of Thousand Hills, Revelator Coffee, Chrome Yellow Trading Co. and many many more.

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