Learn to make General Muir’s Apple Kugel, good enough for dessert



From the menu of … The General Muir, 1540 Avenue Place, Atlanta. 678-927-9131; thegeneralmuir.com

I would love to get the recipe for the delicious apple kugel from The General Muir. I had it a while ago and can't get it off my mind. I would love to make it for my niece who was with me when we tried it. She's the one who ordered it for dessert. "A kugel for dessert?" I asked. Yes, it truly ranks as a dessert. — Madeline P. Urken, Dunwoody

Kugel is an occasional special at The General Muir. Chris Marconi Daugherty, pastry chef for The General Muir, shared the recipe that can also be adapted as raisin kugel. Substitute about 2 cups raisins for the apples and soak the raisins in warm water for about 30 minutes before stirring them into the noodle mixture.

We’ve converted the recipe from the weight measurements used by kitchen to volume measures. It took about two-thirds of a 1-pound bag of egg noodles to yield the 7 cups cooked noodles needed for this recipe. And two medium apples to yield the 2 1/4 cups the recipe calls for. A Pullman pan is a long loaf pan used for cooking Pullman loaves of bread. It measures 13 inches long by 4 inches wide and deep. You can substitute two 9-inch loaf pans for two shallower kugels with a shorter cooking time.

The restaurant gets 7 generous servings from this recipe, but we think at home you can probably serve about 12 people.