Tips to fit more exercise into your day

Even if your schedule is jam-packed, you may be able to slot in your activity simply by making inactive time active. How? Anytime you’re sitting down, ask yourself: “Is there any way I could be moving while doing this same activity?”

It’s not difficult to work extra movement into your typical day. Here are just a few ideas:

1. If you’re watching TV, walk on a treadmill or use an exercise bike.

2. If you’re watching your child’s soccer practice, walk laps around the field.

3. If you’re getting together with a friend, go for a walk instead of going out to eat (or save the meal for after the walk).

4. If you’re having a meeting with a colleague, hold a walking meeting and go for a stroll outside.

5. If you’re talking on the phone, make it a rule to stand or pace during the conversation.

6. If you’re headed for the mall, don’t look for the closest parking spot. Look for the one farthest from your destination.

7. Get off the bus one stop early.

8. Use a bathroom on a different floor.

9. Go the long way when walking to a meeting.

10. Walk around the block when picking up the mail.

11. Do an extra lap around the grocery store.

12. Take the stairs for one floor up or two floors down.

14. Print documents at a distant printer at the office.


This story was adapted from the “State of Slim,” and original appeared on Rodale Wellness