Compression clothing helps optimize exercises

Athletic apparel has embraced technology for a long time, and manufacturers have worked to create fabrics to wick away moisture, transfer heat and reduce odors, all while remaining as comfortable as possible during exercise. But the recent trend is to go even further, creating functional apparel that will actually improve your performance and decrease injuries by providing additional support and guidance. The Opedix line of compression clothing focuses on just that, what it refers to as “kinetic health,” which is ensuring that your body is working in proper alignment as it goes through the motion of exercise.

The Opedix Duel Tech 2.0 three-quarter length tights (available for both men and women) are designed to keep your knees and lower lumber in proper alignment as you run or bike. By optimizing the joint function, not only will you avoid injuries in those areas, you can also work out longer with less pain and fatigue. If you’re a runner who struggles to stay healthy — or someone rehabbing from an injury — Opedix tights may be what you need to keep our lower body working correctly.