10 basic rules of road biking

If you are truly committed to becoming a better cyclist, then, like so many things in life, you would do well to set some goals. Whether you are riding for fun, fitness, weight loss, or stress relief, having goals will serve as motivation to ride, and ride better.

If you take nothing else away from this story, please memorize the following list, because it covers the 10 things that should be a part of every ride you do.

1. Check your bike

Properly inflate tires, lube chain as needed, and check brakes.

2. Wear a helmet

Always. No matter what. Period.

3. Carry basic tools

At a minimum always carry a spare tube, tire levers, an inflation device, and a small multitool.

4. Bring fuel

Your car needs gas. You need food and drink.

5. Be prepared

If there’s even a remote chance of foul weather, make sure you have the right clothes.

6. Lather up

Skin cancer is not a joke. Wear sunscreen.

7. Bring ID

If something bad does happen, help the first responders by identifying yourself.

8. Pack your phone

Say what you will about smartphones, but they are great for calling for help or navigating when you get lost.

9. Be seen

Even just a basic tail light will help drivers spot you. If you know you’ll be out past dark, outfit your bike accordingly.

10. Have a plan

Know where you are going and how you are getting there.


This story adapted from “Bicycling Complete Book of Road Cycling Skills,” and originally appeared on Rodale Wellness.

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