Cyndi’s List celebrates 20 years

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Cyndi’s List is one of those staples of genealogy research, the place to go to find information and web links for any subject you are researching.

This month, it celebrates 20 years since being founded in 1996 by Cyndi Ingle. The site and the Internet have grown tremendously since then. Hopefully, readers check her site from time to time for leads on where to go.

Ingle, a Washington state resident, began the site as a handout that quickly morphed into part of her family website and then its own site. is the place to go to find information for researching any ethnic genealogy, such as Irish or Romanian.

While bringing her site to the attention of new genealogists, we also remind everyone how far genealogical research has come since the Internet began. We can now find material so fast online, that what took months to track down earlier can now be found, if it’s online, in minutes. While we honor Ingle and her herculean efforts to put so many genealogy links online, we also remind readers that you can find a lot via Google or other similar search engines.

Always learn the various ways to couch your questions, link your data, and then keep trying.

Sharing missing history

“What’s Missing in the History … We Share!” is the theme of the March 15 DeKalb History Center Lunch and Learn lecture at Decatur’s old Courthouse on the Square.

A panel of speakers will discuss historical events and what you might be missing in your memory. Panel members will include Jacqui Steele, Renee Brown-Bryant, Mera Cardenas and Liane Levetan.

The event is at noon and is free; bring your own lunch. For further information, check or 404-373-1088, Ext. 23.

Lowndes County deeds and taxes

“Lowndes County, Georgia, Deed Record A and Early Tax Digests 1825-1860” is the first book by C. E. Hightower Jr.

He has gathered significant material from the earliest extant records of this southeast Georgia county. Some 1830s deeds were rerecorded after an 1858 courthouse fire, but the book mostly covers the 1850s to 1860. The tax digests help fill the gaps and have been abstracted in charts. This is an important book to show how to help fill the gap when early courthouse records have been lost.

Funded by the R.J. Taylor Jr. Foundation, the book is $37.45, including tax, postpaid, from Wayne Dasher, 817 S. Dogwood Drive, Nashville, GA 31639 or