Build a better bathroom

It’s the hardest-working room in your home — and often the smallest. That double whammy makes your bathroom the toughest space to organize and clean, according to our reader survey. Hundreds of you asked for ways to boost storage — and scrub less often — without a pricey remodel. Here are budget solutions for your biggest challenges, no contractor required.

Organize your vanity

Display your wares: Compact but strong — it can hold up to 15 pounds! — Land of Nod's pretty powder-coated iron shelf turns dead wall space into a smart storage spot ($30 for two,

Control the clutter: No more messy jumble way in the back of the vanity: Smooth-gliding steel mesh drawers restore order and accessibility ($15 to $20, Bed Bath & Beyond)

A door with more: Hook a clever caddy — with slots for a hair dryer nozzle and cords — over the door to use every spare inch ($20,

Keep it clean

“I want to S-T-R-E-T-C-H the time between deep cleanings. What’s best for daily upkeep?”

Shower squeegee: Beat soap-scum buildup: Dangle Casabella's silicone squeegee ($10) from the showerhead, so it's within easy reach.

Bleach pen: This concentrated, gel-thick version of bleach zaps mold and mildew patches in their tracks (Clorox, $3).

Eraser sponge: Blocks of surprisingly sturdy foam scour away tough stains with minimal elbow grease (Mr. Clean, $3.50)

Touch-up cleaner: Windex's handy tap-top bottle ($4) dispenses a fragrant dab of antibacterial cleanser for quick sanitizing.

Toilet-cleaning gel: Hello, self-scrubbing toilet. Press this syringe-like wand inside the bowl to apply gel that slowly releases cleanser all week (Scrubbing Bubbles, $4)