Why you may not want to live in Georgia if you’re retiring this year

MoneyWise released its picks for the 10 places in the world that you can retire for less than $100,000.

Amid the COVD-19 pandemic, retirement rates have increased.

Pew Research Center reported that since February 2020, the number of retired baby boomers has increased by around 1.1 million. The pandemic-related recession could be contributing to the growing retirement rates among baby boomers.

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But if you’re one of many older adults thinking about retiring this year, a new ranking from MoneyWise says Georgia is among the worst states you could choose to do so.

The digital personal finance publication averaged three of the year’s state rankings into a single list. To do so, it scored each state out of a possible 150 by adding each state’s retirement rankings from RetirementLiving, WalletHub and MoneyRates. A higher score means a state is ranked lower as a retirement spot.

With a score of 85, Georgia came in at No. 17 on MoneyWise’s list.

For one, the older adult population in the Peach State is among the lowest per capita nationwide. WalletHub reported the state is last among U.S. health care systems. Treatment costs are average, but it’s hard to get care and patient outcomes are poor.

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While Georgia may not be the best state to retire, its capital city has been considered among the best places to spend post-working days.

RetirementLivng included Atlanta on its list of the best places to retire in 2021. It noted that the city is “an affordable option for retirees with a low cost of living, favorable tax rates. Residents can expect a relatively low cost for assisted living care when compared to the national average, although the number of senior living facilities could be higher. Atlanta weather is generally comfortable with only 32 days 90º and above and 36 days under 32º, and the crime rate is low.”

Below is the ranking for all states MoneyWise says are the worst ones for retirement in order from worst to best. Some states tied because they had the same average rank according to the site’s methodology.

50. New Mexico

49. Illinois

48. New York

47. Oregon

46. California

45. Alaska

44. Washington

43. Rhode Island

42. New Jersey

41. Maryland

40. Louisiana

39. Maine

38. Kansas

36. (tie) Connecticut

36. (tie) Colorado

35. Texas

34. Georgia

33. Hawaii

30. (tie) Wisconsin

30. (tie) Vermont

30. (tie) Nebraska

29. Mississippi

28. Tennessee

27. Michigan

25. (tie) Nevada

25. (tie) Massachusetts

24. Indiana

20. (tie) Oklahoma

20. (tie) North Carolina

20. (tie) Minnesota

20. (tie) Kentucky

19. North Dakota

18. Montana

17. Ohio

15. (tie) Pennsylvania

15. (tie) Iowa

14. Arkansas

12. (tie) Utah

12. (tie) Alabama

9. (tie) Wyoming

9. (tie) South Dakota

9. (tie) Arizona

8. Virginia

7. West Virginia

6. South Carolina

5. New Hampshire

4. Delaware

3. Idaho

2. Missouri

1. Florida

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