Where can I find it: white truffle butter, Michael’s of Brooklyn sauce

Q: Some time back, I received a small jar of white truffle butter as a hostess gift. I have since used it all as my husband and I fell in love with the rich flavor it gives to so many things, from steamed fish to grilled corn on the cob. The name on the jar was Regalis. Unfortunately, we are out, and I am hoping you can tell me if it is available locally. Thank you so much. — Mrs. Stewart, Marietta

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

A: Made with a blend of grass-fed butter, Italian spring and winter white truffles and a dash of salt, Regalis White Truffle Butter is available at Williams-Sonoma, 4475 Roswell Road, Marietta, 678-560-3660. A 2.82-ounce glass jar sells for $25.95. You can also use this fragrant condiment on burgers, pasta and popcorn.

Q: Is there a local store where I can find Michael’s of Brooklyn Tomato and Basil sauce? I’ll buy a couple of jars, and when I go back to buy more, it’s gone. I love this brand because it’s low in calories and has few ingredients, so I can add what I like to make it my own. It’s a good base sauce and not too sweet like other brands. Plus, there’s hardly any fat in this sauce. I love it but can’t always find it. Please help. Thanks. — Jan Lewis, email

A: Jan, you will find that Sprouts, 1845 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, 404-751-0605, usually stocks a steady supply of Michael’s of Brooklyn pasta sauces, including the tomato-and-basil version. The gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients include imported Italian tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic, olive oil and spices. A half-cup serving contains 45 calories and 2 fat grams. A hefty 32-ounce jar of Michael’s of Brooklyn pasta sauce costs $9.99.

You can stop looking

Beth Hendrickson is not alone in wondering what happened to Stouffer’s Harvest Apples, which teamed tart fruit cooked in their juices and finished with sugar and cinnamon. This easy-to-prepare frozen side dish has legions of unhappy fans since Stouffer’s decided to “retire” the product about a year ago, and there’s no sign that the item is coming out of retirement any time soon.

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