Where can I find it: hot sauce, couch recliner repair

Q: I am searching for Dijonnaise and Trappey’s Bull Louisiana hot sauce. It comes in a red-and-green label. — Eddie Rhoades, Marietta

Trappey’s Bull Louisiana hot sauce is pretty mild. Vinegar-based and spiked with red jalapeno peppers, the hot sauce hits the Scoville Heat Units scale at only 1,400 – slightly less than Tabasco.

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A: I have some good and bad news, Eddie. Unfortunately for you and legions of fans who have been spreading the blend of Dijon mustard and mayo since Hellmann’s threw the two favorite condiments together in the early ‘90s, the company discontinued Dijonnaise a couple of years ago. However, I have better news regarding the elusive Trappey’s Bull Louisiana hot sauce. I contacted the merchandising office at Publix to find out if the hot sauce was available near you. Publix doesn’t have a vendor for the product, but it will issue a special order from B & G Foods, which produces Trappey’s. The hot sauce will then be delivered to the Publix located nearest you at 1750 Powder Springs Road, Marietta, 770-423-4160. The process could take up to four to six weeks, and someone from Publix will contact you when your item arrives.

Q: Thanks for all the info in your column. By answering questions sent in by others, you have pointed me toward products and services I could not find, didn’t know existed, or didn’t realize that I wanted or needed. And now I need a bit of assistance, please. I have a lovely old comfortable leather couch with recliners at both ends. The reclining mechanism is shot on one side and nearly impossible to operate on the other. Unfortunately, this couch does not carry a familiar logo where I could ask the manufacturer for advice. Is there hope for repair? Thanks in advance for any direction available. — Leslie Kostka, Hampton

A: Thank you for reading, Leslie. A good starting point would be to call Guardsman On-site Care and Repair at 800-788-8020. This nationwide company has technicians that service your area. A tech will come to your home and inspect your piece for a $65 service charge. During this inspection, you’ll find out if your recliner can be fixed and if it needs specific parts. But here’s where it gets tricky for you. Guardsman doesn’t order or receive parts, so you’ll need to track them down if they’re needed.

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