Where can I find it: furniture refinisher, grout cleaner, tonic water

If you wanted your lip balm to remind you of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, then Palmer’s Dark Chocolate and Peppermint version was for you. Unfortunately, the company discontinued the lip balm and lip butter about two years ago.

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Q: I am looking for a company in Atlanta that can lacquer and paint furniture. I wondered if you might be able to help me as you are able to find many unusual things. Thanks for considering my request. — Anne Fayssoux, Decatur

A: Anne, please contact Wayne Boone with Buckhead Finishing Studio at 404-892-1515. Although now semi-retired, for more than 40 years, Boone has been refinishing and restoring all types of furniture, from antique to modern. Along with repairing and refurbishing pieces, his services include painting, staining and lacquering, as well as applying faux finishes. To look at some of his work, including custom lacquered pieces, go to buckheadfinishing.com.

Q: Please help me locate a grout cleaner called Rock Doctor. My bathroom tile is in pretty good shape, but the grout really needs a good cleaning, and I hear this product works well without a lot of strong fumes. Thank you. — Mell P., email

A: Natural Rock Doctor Tile and Grout Cleaner comes as a spray formulated to help you get rid of dirt, oil and soap scum from tile and grout. It works on glazed and unglazed ceramic and porcelain tile as well as natural stone. It’s safe to use on colored grout. You can find 24-ounce spray bottles for $7.38 at Lowe’s, 1280 Caroline St., Atlanta, 404-658-8650.

Q: Where can I buy Buzbee’s flavored tonic waters locally? This is a company from Great Britain. Thank you. — Mike Johnson, email

A: You can find a variety of Buzbee’s tonic waters with flavors ranging from blood orange to pink grapefruit at most Total Wine & More stores, including the one located at 6290 North Point Parkway, Alpharetta, 770-772-0694. A pack of four 7-ounce bottles costs $5.99.

You can stop looking

Palmer’s Dark Chocolate and Peppermint lip butter was a favorite of reader Tina Boyd, who wrote because she no longer could find the Thin Mint-flavored lip treatment. Unfortunately, Palmer’s, owned by E.T. Browne Drug Company, discontinued the Dark Chocolate and Peppermint lip balm and its lip butter a couple of years ago.

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