This is the best winter staycation in Georgia

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Ponce City Market has become a destination for seeking the city’s best dining and shopping The mixed-use development features retail, restaurants, office spaces, and high-end apartments Before its transformation, Ponce City Market was a popular amusement park in the 20th century Today, find Skyline Park on the rooftop as a throwback to its "Coney Island of the South" days The park features games, priced around $1 to $3, a beer garden and a giant slide From noon to 3 PM every Sunday, WonderRoot’s Artis

Reader’s Digest rounded up the best ways to become a tourist in your own state

More travelers have been taking to the skies in recent months as the coronavirus pandemic continues. But not everyone may feel comfortable taking their usual winter vacations.

Enter a recent ranking by Reader’s Digest. The general interest family magazine compiled the best places Americans can go in their own state if traveling cross-country or abroad isn’t an option. Plus, the chosen spots will work despite cold and snowy weather.

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In Georgia, the ideal staycation location is Ponce City Market.

Described by RD as “a historic building turned into a paradise for foodies, shoppers, and thrill-seekers,” the former Sears, Roebuck & Co. building has transformed into a mixed-use development that features a food hall, boutique stores and a rooftop theme park.

While The Roof, as it’s simply known, features amusement park games and works as a place to grab drinks year-round, during the wintertime it’s transformed into a winter wonderland.

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Guests will be able to take part in Holidays on the Roof beginning Nov. 27 and sip festive cocktails at two rooftop bars. Plus, social distancing is kept in mind with the option to reserve igloos for a maximum of six guests. It’s not only for the over 21 crowd, either — the spot is also ideal for families. They can reserve igloos on weekends and everyone is welcome to go ice skating.

The winter-themed activity wasn’t always offered on the roof of PCM, which fully opened its doors in 2015. Skate the Sky launched in 2017, transforming the Rooftop Terrace into 3,500 square feet of ice holiday decor and seasonal beverages, Curbed Atlanta reported.

Since then, it’s become a staple that visitors rave about — even when the ice skating rink isn’t in season.

“It was an amazing time and the rooftop allowed for views of the city in addition to all of the above. When in Atlanta, this is a must!!! Don’t let the boring brick exterior fool you, there is a wealth of games and excitement inside!” one person wrote in a Yelp review.

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