Signs You May Have Health Anxiety Caused by the Pandemic

Signs you may have, healthanxiety, caused bythe pandemic.Now that we’re more than a year into theCOVID-19 pandemic, it's unsurprising that many people are excessively stressing over their health. .This can be referred to as hypochondria, a.k.a.obsessively and irrationally worrying about your healthin a way that’s detrimental to your daily life. .Here are 11 signs the COVID-19 pandemic hascaused you to struggle with health anxiety. .1. You have difficulty engaging in everyday functionsbecause you’re always thinking about the pandemic. .2. You excessively talk about yourhealth or COVID-19 with others. .3. You constantly search for news andhealth information about COVID-19.4. You’re having pandemic-related nightmaresand experiencing trouble sleeping. .5. You make an effort to avoidstress-relieving, outdoor activities. .6. You don’t feel reassured when youreceive negative test results. .7. You panic over every symptom andconvince yourself it’s COVID-19.8. You’re terrified that you’re going to getCOVID-19 from everyone you interact with.9. You’re overusing disinfectantsand hand sanitizer. .10. You’re convinced that everyone youcare about will die from COVID-19. .11. You’re intentionally avoiding medical care becauseyou’re scared of receiving a serious diagnosis.