Chris Chandler named new morning host on WSB radio, taking Scott Slade’s spot

Credit: WSB R

Credit: WSB R

On Friday morning, Chris Chandler was named Scott Slade’s replacement as the morning host on WSB radio.

WSB, heard on 95.5 FM and 750 AM, is often the No. 1 station in morning drive in overall ratings.

“You are smart, quick, savvy and able to grasp the full details of a complicated story in real time,” said Slade on the air to Chandler.

“You can’t be replaced,” Chandler told Slade, who stepped down in January after 32 years. “I don’t think your run will ever be duplicated. We will try to keep your standards, your integrity and generosity and consistency, most importantly. This is very exciting, an unbelievable honor.”

Slade said he will return to WSB with special projects and will sub in during mornings when Chandler is on vacation.

Chandler joined WSB in 2009 after a three-year stint at CNN Radio. He previously worked at radio stations in Tennessee and Kentucky.