Welcome to the $13.8m ‘Birthday Cake Castle’ mansion

The waterfront Florida house is 7,074 square feet of fun

Lake Worth, Florida, is home to a number of swanky mansions. However, there is only one “Birthday Cake Castle.”

A $13.8 million, 7,074 square foot megahome, the mansion is a behemoth of extravagance. It even comes with 125 feet of frontage on the Intracoastal Waterway.

“It was built in 1925,” listing agent John Pickett told Realtor.com. “It’s generally very well-known in the area. It’s unique. Just because of its age and its pedigree, it is certainly not built to live like [you’re in a] museum. It’s built to be used and enjoyed.

“It’s really like an oasis. You feel like you’ve left Florida and you’ve entered a private club somewhere down the Caribbean.”

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The estate comes equipped with a pool, a small beachside pavilion, waterfall, koi pond and a rather large tiki hut. It’s all to create a sense of paradise.

“Once you get through the gates, you’re in your own little mini estate. You’re in your own little world, your own little, self-sustaining world where you can do pretty much anything you want,” Pickett said. “You’re not cramped, and there is a tremendous amount of character in the house.”

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The mansion has appreciated in value by nearly 600% within the past two years, going from $2.55 million to its current $13.85 million asking price.

According to Pickett, the mansion may not last on the market long, despite it’s massive multi-million dollar price tag.

“Part of that obviously is reflective of what’s going on down here,” he said. “There’s really no supply, and waterfront has become very, very expensive. The market has been very, very hot and continues to be very, very hot despite some pullback in other markets.”

Whoever decides to pick it up, oasis awaits one lucky owner on the beaches of Florida.

Listing by John Pickett and Realtor.com