Top tips for selling a house in Georgia this year

Here’s what the experts are saying

The housing market is tough in 2022, but selling your Georgia home doesn’t have to be. There are steps you can take to increase your home’s odds on the market and decrease your stress during the process. For starters, Redfin said to hire a home inspector.

The realty authority said that, while home inspections are often performed by prospective buyers, it is important that home sellers schedule a proactive home inspection to tackle any repairs camouflaged to the untrained eye. A big repair could take weeks to fix, potentially scaring off any hopeful buyers.

When it comes to potential home damage, The Ascent said it is important to invest in repairs over upgrades. According to the product and service review company, it is rare for home renovators to get their full investments back when it comes time to sell. A $15,000 kitchen upgrade may only net an additional $10,000 to a home’s resale value, for instance.

An expert at said you should also take the time to set the stage for the sale. The company said homes staged by professional realtors or decorators consistently sell faster and for more money.

Buyers are generally willing to fork over up to 5% above a home’s asking price if it is professionally staged to impress. For a $150,000 home, the mark-up could earn you an additional $7,500.

Redfin also reported it is important to have professional photos taken of your home. While professional staging can increase its selling price and quicken the selling process somewhat, professional photos can shorten a home’s time on the market the most.

From 3D walk-throughs to aerial photography, representing your home as best as possible online can attract interested buyers more quickly.

It is also important to set your expectations. According to, it takes an average 74 days from start to finish to sell a home in Georgia this year. Those 74 days are summed up by an average 39 day period before you receive an offer and an additional 35 day period to close the deal.

This is approximately 3.9% faster than the national average, the company said.

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