If you have an affinity for classic pieces of furniture, soft lines and understated accents then traditional style might be calling your name. Traditional style designs are formal, comforting and classic. The style lends itself well to rich woods, antique furniture and heirloom accessories.

“Although traditional style does tend to be formal, with symmetrical arrangements and refined materials, the ultimate goal is comfort, warmth and a welcoming feel," according to Houzz. "There’s nothing jarring or out of place in a traditional home; each room and nook is designed to flow beautifully.”

Every week, the AJC’s Private Quarters takes you inside of some of metro Atlanta’s most distinctively designed homes and this week we’re highlighting those with a more traditional appeal. Traditional style may be comfortable but it’s anything but casual. This classic style is inspired by history, giving it a timeless appeal.

If you’re looking to create a traditional design style in your home, there are a few specifics that will help guide you. It’s important to keep in mind this style’s nod to the past as you think about furniture, color and texture. For furniture, pick delicate, classic pieces of upholstered furniture. Most traditional furniture tends to be ornate with soft edges and formal details, according to Houzz.

“Furnishings are classic and might feel outdated. Nothing is a surprise. Pieces match and are consistent,” writes The Spruce. “Furniture and accessories are placed in pairs and centered in the room. There is nothing out of place or of a different style. Everything has the look that it goes together.”

A simple color palette of elevated neutrals like beige, light gray or even a pale blue are ideal colors to incorporate into a traditional space. You’ll want to avoid bright colors or trendy pieces. When it comes to design details, a touch of the past is essential with pieces like an antique mirror or table or floral wallpaper.

In modern or contemporary homes, living and dining spaces often flow together, but in a traditional design they are often separate. “The dining room in a traditional home is generally a separate room, often with some built-in corner cabinets for china storage,” according to The Spruce. “A large area rug sits on top of a hardwood floor.”

When it comes to the finishing touches include accessories like book collections, floral arrangements, framed prints, fine china, comforting cushions and throw blankets, as well as ornate area rugs. Window treatments and lighting also follow a classic look with pleated sheers or wall sconces.

Remember, there’s nothing boring or stuffy about traditional style. The look is tried and true and is a great way to show of the classic pieces in your home.