With the onset of 2021, many homeowners might be thinking about giving their home a design refresh. If you’re considering updating your home then you may want to incorporate some of the latest design trends.

From expanded kitchen layouts to a new take on bathrooms and dedicated office space, the home and design website, Houzz is up-to-date on the latest trends. Check out their predictions for the new year and beyond.

New zones for kitchens and stylish lighting: It seems like kitchens can never have enough workspace and homeowners are always looking for ways to add more. The new trends for kitchens involve adding additional workspace zones for things like baking, chopping and food prep. A simple way to update a kitchen is to upgrade your lighting. Trending lighting looks include jewel-like wall sconces that add shimmer and break up cabinets or wall tile.

A new take on the spa-like bathroom: While many homeowners cite the use of their bathroom as a place to refresh and rejuvenate, trending bathroom styles will look slightly different, according to Houzz and The Wall Street Journal. From colder materials like marble and fabricated quartz to open-air showers, bathrooms will take on a more lab-like feel. “A soak in the tub or a long hot shower usually does the trick, but some homeowners are rejuvenating with steam showers, aromatherapy showerheads and bathtub fillers that can hold a cup of tea or glass of wine,” writes Houzz.

Trending colors and shades: In the world of color, beiges and browns are making a comeback, according to Houzz. In recent years, grays and whites have dominated interior design but now it’s finally time for a change. “Warm taupes, beiges, sands — basically any earth tone is surging in popularity,” writes Houzz. Using deep browns as an accent color is also a great way to add warmth to any design.

Dedicated office space and ditching the open layout: If 2020 taught us anything it’s that being at home with family for long periods of time creates a need for more walls. While the open layout living space isn’t going anywhere, we may see a rise in sliding doors or partitions that can close off rooms. Another necessity that’s come out of the pandemic is a dedicated workspace. With remote work and school, families saw the need for having a functional office space that provides the privacy necessary for conference calls and online learning.

Pergolas and other outdoor living spaces: It’s likely that many households also spent more time outdoors this year, meeting a small group of friends or family. While the concept of extending your living space outdoors is nothing new, 2021 may bring pergolas to the forefront of outdoor design. According to Houzz, a pergola is a quick and affordable way to add some additional outdoor space to your home. “These simple shade structures, which can be built and installed in a day or two, provide adequate shade for dining, lounging and other outdoor activities.”