There have been so many beautiful tabletop looks so far this season. This is the perfect time of year to let your settings speak for themselves in a way. During the holiday seasons we get caught up in the glitz and glam; however, spring and summer are times when simplicity shines and textiles and texture can take center stage.

Patterned place mats are a fantastic way to introduce some interest to a table setting. Repeating patterns enhance and build upon dish designs for a stunning and cohesive look. Using the same (or similar) patterns and colors while building up a tabletop look creates depth without overpowering your table.

Get creative with colored glass to create a bold look. While patterns might have allure when creating a table display, solids can be just as beautiful. A powerful colored glass brings texture and a pop of vibrancy to your table settings and gives your eyes a place to rest.

In this dreamy blue creation, solid deep azure anchors the plate stack, and is then built up by layering solid white and blue-and-white patterned pieces to create a balanced look that didn’t get too bottom-heavy. This particular display would make a lovely outdoor table with its sturdy plates and dreamy sky-blue touches.

Organic textures such as wicker and rattan are a wonderful addition to any table. Using rattan and fibrous accessories also eliminate the need for a host of colors while still creating an interesting and layered tabletop.

Hues were kept to a minimum and only brought in a pop of earthy green to the setting to keep the focus on the plate. The simplicity of the look sings, and gives the effect of a laid-back dining experience.