Game changing living room ideas to shake up your space

This Virginia-Highland Craftsman renovation shows its youthfulness after a complete overhaul.

While many will be dragging out their Halloween skeletons — or even their Christmas lights — any day now, you don’t need to rely on the holiday’s to shake up your living space. Fall offers another opportunity to redefine your home’s personality. And it all begins in the living room.

Here are some of this year’s big living room trends to help jumpstart your next decor project.

According to Homes and Gardens, accent colors are a great way to spruce up your space. The practice works best if you have white or neutral color walls to contrast the accents. From there, you can focus on finding intriguing designs to mix up the color patterns or stick with plain color schemes.

Bringing the outdoors in remains a huge trend this year, Southern Living reported. Bringing the outdoors in doesn’t have to be all about house plants.

Using verdant green colors, earthy browns, complex textures and mixed metals can all help provide a natural feel to your living room, promoting a calm and comforting space for the family.

Another great way to spruce up the living space is to not be too focused on matching everything. House Beautiful reported that it helps to add something unexpected.

Furniture with interesting patterns can add personality to a living room quite stylishly. But, unexpected item could be something as humble as a statement piece for the coffee table.

If matching is more your style, Good Housekeeping reported that matching walls with furniture color is big this year. It can help pull the room together and create a seamless feel throughout the space.

Matching your walls and furniture doesn’t mean you have to go with neutral colors or white. A more bold color can bring an entirely new energy to the room.