Top 10 U.S. metros where homeowners stay, and ones where they don’t (including Atlanta)

But which cities were ranked number one?

Real estate works similarly to other markets. has reported the top 10 metros where homeowners are staying put and the top 10 metros where homeowners are leaving town. Atlanta homeowners made it to the number seven spot for cities where home buyers are leaving.

Nadia Evangelou, director of real estate research at the National Association of Realtors, told the website that people have ultimately been staying in their homes for longer in general.

“Higher prices, higher mortgage rates, larger fees, these make it more difficult to find and purchase the next home,” she said. “So people have to wait longer between buying and selling.”

Top 10 cities where homeowners leave

1.Colorado Springs, CO
2.Greenville, SC
3.Indianapolis, IN
4.Knoxville, TN
5.Spokane, WA
6.Lakeland, FL
7.Atlanta, GA
8.Phoenix, AZ
9.Oklahoma City, OK
10.Salt Lake City, UT

Cities where homeowners are staying for the least amount of time, such as Atlanta, are often more attractive to out-of-state buyers or first-time buyers who may be starting their families, Evangelou said.

Colorado Springs holds the top spot for cities where homeowners are moving on. The average time between sales is a short four years and nine months. Home to several military installations, the metro’s quick homeowner turnaround time is likely not a reflection of its quality.

Top 10 cities where homeowners stay

1.McAllen, TX
2.New York, NY
3.Baltimore, MD
4.Miami, FL
5.Washington, DC
6.Cleveland, OH
7.Toledo, OH
8.Oxnard, CA
9.Greensboro, NC
10.Albuquerque, NM

Homeowners at McAllen, Texas are staying put more than in any other major city. The average time between sales in the metro is 10 years and three months, beating the next highest ranked city average by nearly a full year.

More than one in four residents of the city were born in Latin America, and the metro is only minutes away from Reynosa, Mexico. The median home list price for the area is a cool $277,000. Colorado Springs, on the other hand, lists a median home price of $525,000.