The homes may be small, but they have big personalities

Trilith, Fayetteville’s award-winning artistic community, has something new in store for future residents — Micro Village III. A collection of sustainable micro homes featuring geothermal energy, smart home technology, high-efficiency windows and net-zero capabilities, they are 478-square-foot homes with lots to offer. It’s a different approach to housing for a different kind of resident, and it’s one of the world’s largest residential geothermal communities.

Baker May Construction owner and director of residential construction for Trilith Brett Baker offered The Atlanta Journal-Constitution some insight on his company’s work building the six new micro home additions to the Trilith community.

“These six tiny homes use architecture and design themes from the Age of Reason, drawing on neoclassical elements which can be seen throughout Micro Village III’s exterior and interiors,” he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The homes come in three design styles: Colonial, Provencal and Woodlands.

Credit: Town at Trilith

Credit: Town at Trilith

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“Trilith’s master-planned community cohesively blends many eras of design and architectural themes with modern amenities and sustainable practices,” Baker explained. “The micro villages are an example of the town’s commitment to smaller footprint living without sacrificing quality.

“Each 478-square-foot home in Micro Village III showcases the community’s purpose to bring fuller, simpler living ideals and private amenities specific to each collection while seamlessly transitioning to the different architectural styles and sizes of houses alongside it. Over the last decade, the City of Fayetteville has implemented new building codes and standards to encourage sustainability. As the home of the city’s only tiny home community and one of the world’s largest geothermal residential communities, Trilith continues to exceed those expectations in each of its builds.”

Trilith’s micro homes are not only about environmental impact and sustainability. They are also about style.

“Each micro village has its own personality and unique look created by carefully curating building materials, flooring, finishes and landscaping,” he said. “From deciding the wood finishes in the Woodlands-themed village to designing the pergola and landscaping in the Georgian village, every aspect is fashioned to transport the residents to a specific era – through a modern filter.

“Micro Village III’s identity can be found in nearly every aspect – its exterior brick, light fixtures, herringbone wood floors, decorative front doorways, fireplaces, wainscoting, paint colors, etc. Plus, the private gathering space for Micro Village III residents is reminiscent of a miniature Georgian courtyard and pergola.”

Credit: Town at Trilith

Credit: Town at Trilith

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It’s that attention to detail that Baker said separates Trilith from the pack.

“Staying true to Micro Village III’s concept, each element honors the design principals of the Georgian era from the paneled doors to the private courtyard,” he said. “Working together with our architect, Micro Village III includes the work of interior designers Megan Lichty of Auld House Design and Elizabeth Hunt of Elizabeth Hunt Interiors who both helped refine the vision through the micro homes’ furniture, décor, draperies, space planning and more.”

In the end, it’s all in the name of art — a seemingly rare motivation in the world of construction and home building.

“Known as a haven for creatives, makers and entrepreneurs, Trilith incorporates art and sustainability into every aspect of the town to promote a positive sense of place for residents and visitors,” Baker said. “To fulfill our Trilith Green Build Standards, more than 50% of the community is preserved as green space and all 750 homes use cleaner materials, smart home technology and geothermal capabilities.”