Easy winter home cleaning tasks you need to tackle

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The 6 Dirtiest Things , in Your Home. Most of the germs we encounter are found in our homes. Here are 6 spots in your home you may want to give an extra scrub. 1. Kitchen sponge, An average of 321,629,869 microorganisms live in every gram of a used dish sponge. 2. Video game controller, 7,863 germs occupy 100 square centimeters, but this can be solved with a quick dab with rubbing alcohol. 3. Coffee Reservoir, Your coffeemaker could be a reservoir for mold and yeast, so clean it every day. 4. Cutting board, Cutting boards are natural bacteria magnets due to all the meat they encounter, so wash them after use. 5. Smartphone, The 2,700 to 4,200 units of bacteria living on your cell phone can be killed with rubbing alcohol. 6. Purses, Your purse follows you everywhere, from public transit to public restrooms, so clean it regularly

Spring cleaning may get all the attention, but it’s winter cleaning you need to pay attention to.

From checking the fireplace to cleaning windows, these tasks can often slip by throughout the year but are important in keeping a home free from dirt and germs.

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“Constantly changing weather conditions and varying temperatures, means we often carry a lot of dirt into our houses,” the team at Helpling, a London-based online cleaning booking company, told House Beautiful U.K. “With most of us now working from home, having a clean house is even more important than usual to make it as comfortable and cozy as possible.”

It doesn’t have to be hard to keep your house free from clutter and filth. Here are some tips for how you can get rid of grime in your home.

Clean your fireplace

Before you cozy up to the fireplace this season, be sure it is in running order. Not only can dirt collect and hide inside chimneys but animals can, too. Clean them and the firebox before lighting. Simple Green has some tips on how to clear wood-burning fireplaces.

Look after your HVAC

The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning unit is important for providing warmth inside your home, but you should be sure that it’s free from gunk. A simple way to keep the HVAC in good condition is to check it once a month — especially in the winter and summer when it gets heavy use. Replace the air filter a minimum of once every three months, which will prevent dirt from building up, according to Energy Star.

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Wipe dirt from the windows

Despite the sun shining a little less, it’s still nice to be able to catch a clear view of the outdoors. Plus, cleaning the windows can allow light to trickle in when the sun is out and help ward off the sadness that can occur in the wintertime, according to Lewisville, Texas-based house cleaning service Buckets & Bows. Bob Vila has some tips on how you can clean windows inside and outside.

Don’t just clean your refrigerator — check behind it

While it’s important to clean your fridge and remove any old food, you also need to pay attention to the exterior and the areas that are often not taken care of. It takes 20-30 minutes to clean under and behind the unit, according to Real Simple. Removing dust from the coils can help the refrigerator run smoothly.