Easy ways to boost your home’s winter curb appeal

Increase your home's value with these DIY exterior projects.Boosting your home's curb appeal doesn't have to be costly.Here are 3 ways you can do so without breaking the bank.Paint your front door.Clean your gutters.Trim the bushes, trees and shrubs

The colder months have a way of making everything look drab, especially our homes’ exteriors. Most plants have died or gone dormant and trees have lost their leaves. But just because the days are dark and dreary doesn’t mean we can’t brighten up our homes.

Whether you plan on selling your humble abode or just want it to look its best, here are four ways to spruce up your winter exteriors:

Paint the town red

Ok, maybe not the whole town. But by painting your trim, front door or both in a red color, your home will instantly stand out against the cold backdrop of winter and in the neighborhood.

Take up space and standout

Go bold with your decor.

Extra-large house numbers, six inches or higher, make a big statement and work well on homes with other small embellishments, according to home design website Houzz. Consider installing a downlight over the numbers if they’re placed away from the main source of area lighting. And consider placing shiny garden ornaments and other gleaming items in your outdoor spaces to capture and bounce light, and keep your home shining on through the winter months.

Utilize greenery

Even if you don’t have bushes planted in the ground, you can still add big pots of boxwood and other evergreens for a dose of winter color on your porch or front steps, Houzz recommends. Hedges that remain green all winter provide a sense of life and freshness against the frigid backdrop, and consider an outdoor Christmas tree to adorn your front porch draped in simple burlaps and strings of twinkling light.

Jazz up your lighting

The thing about winter is this: it gets dark earlier and stays dark longer. Which spells opportunity for homeowners who embrace uplighting. If your house is set back from the street, install a few driveway lights to mark your path, uplights on large trees and key architectural features, and welcoming lights that point the way to your door. For an extra touch, consider a hanging lantern on a post for a bit of old-world charm.

Details like this gas lantern make the large front porch a favorite aspect of the house. Their front door was also custom designed.

Credit: Frank Niemeir / AJC

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Credit: Frank Niemeir / AJC