Near the Atlanta National Golf Course in Milton, there is a house called Providence. A luxurious abode with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, it’s a sight to behold. After Milton’s own Stevie Interiors took on an interior design project at the home, it grew to be an even more brilliant sight.

Lead designer Aliesha Porto headed the endeavor, transforming the home into an elegant pad of blacks and whites. Meghan Basinger, CEO of Stevie Interiors, broke down the details of the project.

“This home is in the heart of Milton, Georgia,” she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We opened our shop in Crabapple in 2021 and this particular client was a walk-in who reached out for design help after shopping in our studio.”

Credit: Elizabeth Jones

Credit: Elizabeth Jones

The home has a formal look that starts in the foyer, setting the tone for the traditional, yet fashionable design that is to follow.

“We love the black and white marble floor in the foyer,” Basinger said. “The client had this vision and we were thrilled to help her bring it to life. The home has a lot of traditional elements and this formal design helps to set the scene for the rest of the home.”

In the dining room, Stevie Interiors decided to make a statement with the lighting — ornamenting the room with a spiral chandelier.

“The texture of the chandelier really drove the selection,” she said. “It was a nice balance to the marble floor. We also worked with The Crafted Company to commission a gorgeous dried floral arrangement to bring the outdoors into this space.”

Credit: Elizabeth Jones

Credit: Elizabeth Jones

For those inspired by the project and looking to get a jump start on their own renovations, Basinger said it’s best to take your time and focus on one room at a time. Don’t let ambition lower your standards.

“We aren’t the people to come to for DIY, so if you want to literally pick up a paint brush, don’t ask us,” she said. “But we do stress to clients and our followers on social media to focus on one room at a time. Take your time to make one room perfect before moving on to the next. This is always a better strategy than ‘a few pieces in this room, a sofa here, a new rug there’… then you end up with all your spaces being half complete. It’s much better to spend years making your home perfect room-by-room.”

When it comes to those renovations, always make room for the unexpected.

“We tell our clients however difficult/long you’re expecting a renovation to take — multiply it by five,” she said. “Homeowners severely underestimate the amount of time it takes for renovations. Going into a project with realistic expectations is crucial.”

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