3 decorating tips for re-creating ‘Bridgerton’s’ Regency style at home

Following the success of “Bridgerton’s” scandalous first season, it’s no surprise that fans are binge watching its second. The period drama racked up more than 250 million hours of viewing in its first full week on Netflix, according to Variety.

The show, which takes place in early-1800s London during the Regency era (defined by wealth, sophistication and marriage), is full of drama, but it isn’t the only thing keeping viewers glued to the screen. The series is also visually appealing, with lavish costumes and interiors.

“The Regency period can be regarded as one of the most colorful and exciting periods of interior design,” creative stylist Karina Lameraner told Better Homes and Gardens. “Decorative arts flourished during this era, and the homes of the aristocracy, like that of the wealthy Bridgerton family, featured opulent furnishings, detailed textiles, and striking color schemes.”

To re-create the series’ high-society look, follow these three decorating ideas from BHG:

Rule with pastel

Wedgwood Blue, a pale blue found on 18th-century Jasperware pottery, is the signature color of the Bridgerton family’s home. To achieve the luxurious look, use similar colors on your walls, furniture and accessories.

“Seek out a range of shades within the pastel family to help create depth and contrast in your space,” Lameraner recommends. “Try pairing powder blue with colors like lavender, blush pink, or mint green for a subtle effect.”

Highlight small decorative accents

To seamlessly blend Regency style with modern-day furnishings, focus on small decorative accessories.

“Pillows, side tables, stools, and mirrors are all great additions. Look for accessories with carved details, scrolled edges, metallic gold finishes, and other classic motifs to nail the Bridgerton-inspired look,” Lameraner suggests.

Drape with drama

For a room full of drama, hang long, flowing drapes — particularly ones that reach the floor and stretch nearly to the ceiling.

“Choose thick fabrics and pull them back with tasseled tiebacks to enhance the effect,” according to BHG.