Top running shoes for bunions, flat feet and plantar fasciitis

As the weather warms up it’s time to start running

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Having the perfect running shoe can not only help performance, but it can also prevent injury.

But for individuals who suffer from foot problems like bunions or plantar fasciitis, finding the perfect footwear can be tricky.

WebMD describes plantar fasciitis as a degenerative condition of the thick band of tissue (also called a fascia) at the bottom of your foot that runs from your heel to your toes. It’s the most common type of foot pain and affects about 2 million people in the U.S.

According to Health, here are the top running shoes for people with flat feet, bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

This shoe ranks number one with a rating of 4.9 for overall solid support, cushioning, and a midsole that helps align the foot. Depending on the store, prices range from $90-$140. You’ll want to stick to streets and sidewalks with these shoes, which are not designed for trails.

Hoka Gaviota 4

This women’s shoe has a 5mm drop that’s perfect for relieving heel stress and evenly distributing body weight across your foot. While this is a great shoe that comes in two widths, reviewers note that they take some time to break in. The average price range is $165.

Asics Gel Kayano 28

This men’s shoe has extra gel padding in the heel area. This shoe is designed to help with low arches, flat feet, and overpronation. This shoe is ideal for those who enjoy long runs, have feet that tend to sweat, and are prone to blisters. Prices range from $120-$160.

Asics Gel-Excite 9

This shoe has top shock-absorbing qualities with a higher heel-to-toe drop for the best of both foam and gel cushioning worlds. The midsole has a vertical groove that’ll help keep your gait in check and they can be used on and off trails. While it’s a great running shoe, it’s not waterproof. Prices range from $53-$130.

Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit

If you have an issue with bunions, the Orthofeet Coral stretch Knit has plenty of support, cushioning, and breathable fabric that won’t irritate your feet. The extra padding is designed to help you feel confident whether you’re on a jog or run. These shoes come in four widths, from narrow to extra-wide, and range from $119-$145.

Brooks Beast ‘20

Have a problem with flat feet? The Brooks Beast ‘20 offers dynamic support and cushioning. While the shoe works wonders for flat feet - it does have a shorter heel counter that some runners might find irritating. The average cost of this shoe is $130.