Ham for dessert? Honey Baked has 4 ‘hacks’ for leftovers

Honey Baked Ham Co. has joined TikTok with four recipes to use that leftover Easter ham.Have you ever considered stuffing your french toast with ham? You might after seeing this.That leftover ham bone can be used to make ramen, then company says.Throw in some leftover veggies, too, and make a stir fry.Don't forget dessert. The ham glaze makes a unique topping for ice cream

Forget the ham sandwiches. This year, eat those Christmas main dish leftovers in french toast, ramen and more.

Honey Baked Ham Co. joined TikTok last year and released its first “ham hacks,” recipes to use its signature dish in ways you might not have considered.

“This Easter, we wanted to share some unique ways to enjoy our signature Honey Baked Ham in meals beyond the holiday dinner celebration.” Tim Ziga, product development manager and resident culinary expert at The Honey Baked Ham Co., said in a press release on the last holiday where ham is the main dish. “Whether you’re craving a sweet and savory breakfast or want to top off your dessert, the Ham Hacks offer easy ways to enhance the flavor of everyday meals and make the day-to-day cooking tastier and more fun.”

Wait ... did he say “dessert”?

Yes, he did. One of the hacks is a recipe for vanilla ice cream topped with Honey Baked glaze crumble.

“Turn the sweet and crunchy glaze crumble into a decadent sauce by heating it with butter and cream on your stovetop and then drizzle it over the ice cream to create the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors,” the press release states.

There are also recipes for Honey Baked Ham stuffed french toast, ham bone ramen, and ham and veggie stir fry.

As part of its debut on TikTok, the company partnered with influencer Casey Hamilton to provide a series of videos documenting his experience with Honey Baked signature products — like the bone-in half ham.

“I am excited to be a part of the Ham Fam and for the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Easter dinner with Honey Baked,” Hamilton said in the press release.