Fulton animal shelter dogs in urgent need of loving homes

10 Reasons Rescue DogsMake theBest Pets .According to the ASPCA, approximately670,000 shelter dogs are euthanized each year. .Before you choose your new familyfriend, consider these 10 reasons whyrescue dogs make the best pets. .1. You can adopt an older dogthat is already trained. .2. Unlike pet stores, adoption isall about finding the right pairingbetween pet and owner.3. Shelters are a great source of informationand resources even after adoption.4. You have a broader selection of yourdog’s breed, age, sex and personality.5. Spaying and neutering is often providedby the shelter, free of charge. .6. Adoption is much less expensivethan pet stores or breeders.7. Adopting helps prevent overpopulationin shelters and in the overall population.8. Shelter dogs are less likely tohave unknown health problemsthan dogs from puppy mills. .9. Your adoption fees go towardsthe animal shelter, which is a great causethat deserves the support.10. Rescue dogsdeserve a secondchance to find aloving home

On Monday, Fulton County Animal Services shared in an Instagram post that they are in urgent need of people to adopt or foster dogs, as the shelter is filled to capacity.

With more dogs arriving every day, the shelter is not only filled to capacity but overflowing: All kennels are filled and many dogs are forced to share spaces. The capacity issues are beginning to affect the dogs’ wellbeing, with volume levels putting undue stress on the animals and providing the backdrop for the spread of illness.

“The volume is louder every day, dogs are scared and shut down, and many are getting sick with respiratory infections,” the shelter wrote.

Officials are pleading for people to give these dogs a loving home as soon as possible, either by adoption or fostering. The shelter also has volunteer opportunities and accepts donations.

Adoptable animals can be seen here: FultonAnimalServices.com/adoptable-animals.