Eat This, Not That: Georgia’s best chicken entrée is in Atlanta

Eat This, Not That says Bulla Gastrobar has the best chicken entree in Georgia.
Eat This, Not That says Bulla Gastrobar has the best chicken entree in Georgia.

Credit: Yelp

Credit: Yelp

About the only place you won’t find chicken on the menu is a vegetarian or vegan restaurant.

So being named the best chicken entrée in Georgia can be a big deal. The website Eat This, Not That took on the task of picking the top poultry dish in every state, and the Peach State’s is in Atlanta.

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Bulla Gastrobar “serves up some amazing dishes inspired by the gastrobars in Spain,” the website wrote. “The paella de pollo, which features chicken prepared with artichoke hearts, juicy portobello mushrooms, green peas, sofrito, and saffron, is served alongside some other favorites such as chicken pintxos and chicken croquettes.”

Bulla — pronounced boo-yah — serves Spanish-style tapas.

Bulla “literally means ‘noise’ but basically has connotations of fun, excitement, commotion, liveliness,” owner Carlos Centurion told an interviewer at the original location in the Coral Gables neighborhood of Miami.

If chicken isn’t your favorite dish, Bulla has plenty more to offer. Yelp reviewers praised not only the food, but also the drinks.

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According to Carlton Y. from Atlanta, the “Red Sangria is DUMB strong.”

The restaurant also offers vegetarian selections with gazpacho, patatas bravas, quesos.

Bulla Gastrobar is in the heart of Midtown Atlanta at 60 11th St. NE. The restaurant provides complimentary garage parking that can be accessed between Crescent Street and Peachtree Walk on 11th Street.

It is open for lunch Monday through Friday, brunch Saturday and Sunday, and dinner nightly. “Bulla hour,” with a specialty cocktail and tapas menu, is 3–6 p.m. daily.