'Looney Tunes' Strips Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam of Their Guns

'Looney Tunes' Strips Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam of Their Guns.Since its HBO Max debut in late May, 'Looney Tunes' is one of the streamer's most-watched programs.But now, two of Bugs Bunny's oldest foes will be without their signature firearms.Former 'Saturday Night Live' star Joe Piscopo has slammed the decision.Give Elmer Fudd back his rifle. It's 'Looney Tunes,' it's the best in the world. And they can't start being politically correct with cartoons, please, Joe Piscopo, via Fox News.'Star Trek' legend William Shatner is also not a fan of the idea.So they are remaking 'Looney Tunes?' I cannot wait to see what presentism will do them, William Shatner, via Twitter.Showrunner Peter Browngardt tells 'The New York Times' that the iconic TNT explosives will remain.'Looney Tunes' writer Michael Ruocco argues that removing the rifle is not a big deal.He adds that 'Looney Tunes' gets more out of Fudd's personality "than any implement in his hands.".Do you guys SERIOUSLY care whether or not Elmer Fudd has a gun in our shorts? You know how many gags we can do with guns? Fairly few. , Michael Ruocco, via Twitter.Supporters also point out that Fudd has wielded other weapons over the years