These are the 5 best travel options for older adults

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Thinking of taking a much-needed vacation? There are plenty of travel options for older adults who want to explore and learn more about the world around them.


Brenda Lyle, Senior Living Advisor/Care Manager for North Star Senior Advisors, wrote on Florida Today that adult-only cruises are becoming more popular. AARP or Association of Mature American Citizens members can access travel centers to schedule an adult-only cruise or find cruise discounts.

Lyle noted Silversea Cruises and Virgin Voyages are two examples of cruise lines that target adults only.

Cruises are also great options for people with disabilities and those seeking accessibility.

A few similarities between all lines are their handicap-friendly cabins, rental scooters, and wheelchairs that can be used on the ship, Florida Today reported.

Cruises tend to be popular with older adults since there are plentiful activities that people with mobility issues can still participate in and have fun while staying safe, according to BoomersHub.

All-inclusive resorts

Maybe you prefer staying on land — and there are plenty of options for people over 50 to travel while remaining dry as well!

All-inclusive resorts can be found all over the world.

For example, Sandals’ Royal Bahamian in the Bahamas has suites on the beachfront, fine dining, and you can stay on a private, offshore island, according to BoomersHub.

Across the world in the Philippines, The Farm at San Benito focuses on wellness for older adults and offers yoga, meditation, and spa treatments, among other activities.

Resorts also have accessible options.

Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica and El Dorado Royale in Mexico are just a couple of facilities that include accessible rooms, wheelchair ramps, and more.

Day trips

Older adults looking for a shorter trip may opt for a day trip.

There are many local groups that offer these trips, such as Seniors On the Go Travel, based in Lawrenceville, and Ageless Adventures in Stockbridge.

Travel groups

Travel clubs allow you to travel and learn about the world with like-minded sight-seers.

Lyle told Florida Today, that Road Scholar, ElderTreks, and Travel + Leisure are resources people over 50 can check out for travel clubs and ideas, foreign and domestic.

Domestic travel

What about the beauties in your own backyard? The United States is full of historic landmarks and natural enchantments to set your sights on.

In Alaska, you can take a ride on the Aurora Winter Train and view the beautiful natural landscape, according to Frommer’s. “Flightseeing” from planes or helicopters as well as cruises also gives you access to view the mountains, bodies of water, whales, and animals native to the state.

Also, the National Park Service offers lifetime senior passes for a single fee of $80 to people 62 and older. With that, you can see natural stunners such as Yellowstone National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains, among other national parks.