According to a recent poll, pizza is officially America’s favorite food

In a survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, 21% said pizza was their favorite food.

Pizza is certainly one of the most popular foods in the world, and the survey proved that Americans love it the most.

The most popular toppings on pizza in the U.S. are pepperoni, extra cheese, mushroom, and onions. According to Hungry Howie’s, “62% of pizza lovers prefer meat while 38% prefer veggies.”

Easily customized and perfect for sharing, pizza’s strengths are plain to see. According to The Washington Post, people love pizza because of its “fatty, sweet, rich and complex” nature. The outlet also noted that 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second in the U.S.

Even scientists acknowledge pizza’s power.

“Pizza, in particular, has been found to activate the brain’s reward centers, which release feel-good chemicals like dopamine. But that’s not all. Pizza also contains certain nutrients that can affect brain function and mood,” said psychologist and neuroscience student Ercole Francesco Brancia.

While pizza sits comfortably at the top of the survey, steak took the number two spot with 16% of votes, with hamburgers following at 13%.