6 unbelievable Thanksgiving food consumption facts

6 Unbelievable Thanksgiving Food Consumption Facts.According to a YouGov poll conductedin 2013, an estimated 85% ofAmericans celebrate Thanksgiving.The holiday, which is traditionally celebratedby piling your plate high, creates an influx of food consumption stats in the country. .Here are six surprising facts about the foodsAmericans consume in celebration of Thanksgiving.1, An estimated 46 million turkeys are eaten around Thanksgiving.2, Most people consume an average of 2,500 to4,500 calories during their Thanksgiving meal.3, Thanksgiving is responsible for 40% ofCampbell’s annual cream of mushroom soup sales. .4, 80 million pounds of cranberriesare consumed during Thanksgiving.5, 214 million pounds of potatoes are purchasedin the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.6, Nearly 19 million pre-made piesare purchased ahead of the holiday