Live Thrive

Credit: Special to the AJC

Credit: Special to the AJC

History: In 2010, Live Thrive made it easier for people to dispose of their household hazardous items properly. The idea began as a four-hour, household collection event that has blossomed into the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM).

Did you know that more than 100 million tons of hazardous material have been diverted from landfills and water systems through Live Thrive’s efforts? Residents living in the Atlanta metropolitan area can dispose of their old paint, chemicals, electronics, tires, mattresses, appliances and other household materials. Some items have a nominal disposal fee.

Motto: CHaRM’s mission is to create a community that cares about a healthy and sustainable environment.

How you can help: Donate gently used bikes, sports equipment, blankets, towels, mattresses or other household materials. In some cases, CHaRM can recycle materials into re-useable or donated products for kids and people living in transitional housing. In addition, financial donations contribute to CHaRM’s ability to fulfill its mission.

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