Live Healthy & Thrive Foundation

Credit: contrib

Credit: contrib

History: In 2010, Lori A. Manns founded Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation, Inc. to teach children about the connection between food, nutrition and exercise and how it can affect their health.

Did you know: Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation adopts a school to donate a garden each year. Children gain hands-on experience by planting and harvesting vegetables and learning how to cook healthy meals. Each year, five high school seniors receive $1,000 scholarships, and one senior will receive a $2,000 scholarship.

Motto: The mission of Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation is to educate, activate, motivate and empower youth in the areas of academic achievement, fitness and total wellness.

How you can help: Become a volunteer of Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation to support the special events and programs that teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle at an early age. Or become a board member or ambassador by contacting the organization. Financial donations are tax-deductible and always welcome.

To learn more: Visit or email