History: Over the last few years, Inspiredu has given hope to underserved children and adults by providing access to digital technology and training. Partnerships with schools, community-based nonprofits and corporations allow them to offer free services to the community.

Did you know: Inspiredu has a three-prong approach to ensuring equity in technology and education. The Family Learning and Adult Digital Literacy initiatives allow parents to access their child’s school resources, learn basic computer and software skills, access social services, and earn certificates as they learn new skills. In the STEM Pipeline program, children get hands-on experience building apps and other science, technology, engineering, and math activities.

Motto: Changing lives through technology and education.

How you can help: Follow Inspiredu on social media. Volunteer by refurbishing computers or assist in technology training sessions or marketing. Financial contributions help to eliminate barriers for more children and adults.

To learn more: Visit, social media @inspireduatl, or email