Community Friendship, Inc.

Courtesy of Community Friendship, Inc.
Courtesy of Community Friendship, Inc.

History: Founded in 1970, Community Friendship, Inc. (CFI) offers a comprehensive range of recovery-based programs, which provides support and training in self-sufficiency and independent living, career development, and full integration in the community.

Did you know: CFI provides support services to assist people with mental illnesses with the choice and opportunities to connect with their communities, family, and peers. CFI helps people choose and maintain a career, and assists the homeless with housing and other necessities so they can become self-sufficient and live independently.

Its motto: “When In Doubt, Do the Friendliest Thing”

How you can help: Financial contributions to CFI will support programming and services, including life skills training, relationship building, daily meals, snacks and personal care kits. Those with expertise in building renovations can offer pro bono work. Get connected and follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

To learn more: Visit or call 404-875-0381.