Atlanta Solidarity Fund

History: Since 2016, activists and others who land in jail for standing up for civil rights, women’s rights, environmental issues, and social justice have had an organization that stands in the gap, the Atlanta Solidarity Fund. Individuals receive support and crowdsourcing funds to get out of jail.

Did you know: Atlanta Solidarity Fund has a 24/7 support line and will bail people out as soon as possible. When individuals are falsely arrested or mistreated, the Atlanta Solidarity Fund has partnerships with local attorneys and other organizations to assist. Individual and corporate donors contribute to the crowdsourcing fund.

Motto: When activists face repression, we stand with them.

How you can help: Volunteers for the 24/7 support line should attend an orientation and a remote or in-person training session. Also needed are individual and corporate donations and social media posts promoting the Atlanta Solidarity Fund.

To learn more: Visit or email