Watch: Bed-making pitbull has a new family

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Rush, the adorable pitbull that makes his own bed, has been adopted.

On Tuesday, a video released by the SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Dayton, Ohio showed Rush making his own bed. The one-year-old homeless pitbull, had been at the shelter for over 30 days. While in the shelter, he made a name for himself as the dog that made his own bed every day.

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Now, less than a week later, Rush is the new addition to a loving family.

The Ohio couple that adopted Rush says they saw the pitbull at different times without knowing they were interested in the same dog.

“He saw him on the news. I didn’t. And then I saw him on a rescue site,” the woman said.

<span>After they realized they both wanted to adopt the same dog, the woman began the official adoption process.  </span>

<span>On the way to meet Rush, the couple saw a sign–literally and figuratively– that told them Rush might be the dog for them.</span>

<span>"There was a Bengal's billboard, and it said in big, bold letters, 'Rush,'" the woman said.</span>

<span>"It actually says, 'Rush to be there,' but the 'to be' is small," said the man.</span>

<span>On Thursday, Rush did a test sleepover with the couple.</span>

<span>"Rush took his blankie and went on a sleepover until Friday with a potential adopter," the center posted on Facebook. </span>

<span>After a successful sleepover, he is now officially a part of the family.</span>

The husband and wife lost their dog earlier this year and are excited to be Rush’s new parents.

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