No one knows how a kitten ended up in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Sari Reese
June 27, 2017

It was just another day along the Golden Gate Bridge when officers got a call that there was a jumper.

Only this kind was of the feline variety. California Highway Patrol officers scurried fast and found a wily kitten who had somehow strayed into the middle of the magnificent stretch of road.

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But during a cursory search, authorities could not find the cat, who was reported by a passing driver. After turning around and driving the bridge again, they spotted him — a furry fella with his head popping out between the median barrier.

According to CHP-Marin’s Facebook post, “The officers then blocked a lane of traffic and exited their vehicle to rescue the little guy. They were able to quickly free the little guy and hop back in their car to safely transport him off the bridge.”

After bringing the kitten to a local vet to be checked out, a responding officer is now fostering the animal, because he was not wearing a microchip or collar.

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While awaiting a possible owner to claim him, the cat is of course sporting a new name: Bridges.

This story was originally published on Rare.