#Issadate: Reddit to hold Atlanta crawfish boil meetup this weekend

The namesake crustacean is served at Crawfish Shack on Buford Highway.

If you’re a Reddit foodie who’s been dying to meet the people behind those upvotes, the stars have aligned for you.

Reddit user _Banana_phone  announced last week that a Reddit Crawfish Boil will take place at 1 p.m. Sunday, July 9 at Ration and Dram, 130 Arizona Ave. NE. The meetup, which was an open invite to the more than 49,000 subscribers to the /r/Atlanta thread, is an opportunity for local Reddit users to congregate outside of the social media platform, according to the Reddit event post.

Here’s the rundown of everything to know about this New Orleans-style Reddit family reunion:

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Credit: Ration & Dram

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Credit: Ration & Dram

So, what’s the deal with crawfish?

It’s a pretty generous deal for those that delight in wrestling meat out of the little freshwater crustaceans. Each person will receive roughly 3-4 pounds of crawfish, a hearty helping of potatoes and corn. Though the tickets do not include a vegetarian option, there will be meatless items available for purchase on Ration and Dram’s menu.

Will there be drinks? Oh yes, there will. Ration and Dram is a cocktail hour favorite, so those in attendance will be able to purchase liquor, beer and wine at the bar.

What will it cost me? Tickets to the crawfish boil are $15 and don't include beverages.

Who can come? Organizers recognize that Reddit users have families, so, according to the Reddit post, "well-behaved children and dogs are included in the invite to this event." However, the listing warns that sharp objects, drinking, open flames and strong language will also be a part of the afternoon gathering, so attend with children and pets at your own risk.

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Where will I park? Utilizing a ride-share service is strongly suggested, since Ration and Dram's parking lot is limited.

How can I RSVP? Those interested in attending can private message their RSVP to the event organizer on Reddit here.

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