8 Dragon Con parties you don't want to miss

We asked participants of this years dragon con, "What brings you to dragon con?"

For the 33rd straight year, downtown Atlanta is set to come alive with costumed conferencegoers as Dragon Con comes to town, Aug. 29 through Sept. 2. While the daytime events calendar is filled with panel discussions, workshops, gaming, and family-friendly sight-seeing, night time at Dragon Con is something else entirely.

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After dark, the downtown conference hotels (Hyatt Regency, Hilton, Marriott Marquis, Sheraton, and Westin Peachtree Plaza) morph into an intertwined, multilevel, all-night lobby cosplay party. Some of the parties are organized. Others just ... happen. Especially at the Marriott, which for years has been the de facto lobby party epicenter of Dragon Con.

All parties below, except for the Georgia Aquarium soiree, are free to enter with a Dragon Con 2019 membership. If you want to take Dragon Con further into the night, here are the times and locations of some of the best parties:

Yesteryear Lagoon & Lounge

8:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 29, Sheraton Pool and Courtyard, 165 Courtland St. NE, Atlanta.

Splish-splash the night away in your best lavalava at this retro-themed Tiki party. In addition to the mystical mermaids, you'll find floating in the "lagoon", there will also be a photo booth, limbo contests, a pirate conga line and more. Panelists include Captain Ginger Thrace, Doctor Q (Moderator), and First Mate Soggybottoms.

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Bunny Hutch Party & Costume Contest 

10 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 29, Hilton Grand Salon, 255 Courtland St. NE, Atlanta.

Geek-meets-chic Thursday night for the annual "Bunny Hutch" party, a costume contest at the Hilton's Grand Salon. Attendees dance the night away in a variety of Playboy bunny, sexy nurse and Hugh Hefner costumes. Mature audiences only.

Toon-Age Sock Hop

8:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30, Hilton Grand East, 255 Courtland St. NE, Atlanta.

Happy days? More like happy nights at the Toon-Age Sock Hop. Fluff out your poodle skirt and put a rockabilly twist on your favorite animated cosplay, this party is sure to knock your socks off. Live performances by Noise Complaint - Tap Dance Theatre.

Zombie Prom

10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30, Hilton Grand Salon, 255 Courtland St. NE, Atlanta.

It's senior year and everything is going great. You ask her to prom and she says yes. Then the actual world ends, and that prom is now a zombie prom. The big night finally arrives. You go to the ballroom — the Hilton Grand Salon. The DJ is D'Vinci. The photo booth, the king and queen, the slow dances; it's all happening. But now everyone is a zombie. Zombie prom is an event for all ages and for the undead, but you'll need a valid ID to purchase alcohol.

Dragon Con Night at Georgia Aquarium

7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 31, Georgia Aquarium, 225 Baker St. NW, Atlanta.

The Georgia Aquarium is one of Atlanta's most visited and beloved tourist attractions. From whale sharks to beluga whales and dolphins, the aquarium is all yours for an after-hours event free from the daily crowds and tours. With dim lighting and free rein over the event space until 11:00, and a cash bar open until 10:00 p.m., Dragon Con Night at the Georgia Aquarium is one of the most magical events on the calendar.

The Spectrum: A Rainbow Flag Party for LGBTQ Geeks & Allies

10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 31, Westin Peachtree Ballroom, 210 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta.

This party welcomes all of Dragon Con's LGBTQ attendees (and allies) to enjoy a party just for you. DJ Neon will be spinning funky beats in a "Twisted Adventures of Alice Somewhere Over the Rainbow" theme. Mature audiences only.

Dragon Con Burlesque: A Glamour Geek Revue 

Midnight. Sunday, Sept. 1, Sheraton Grand Ballroom A-F, 165 Courtland St. NE, Atlanta.

Atlanta's own Talloolah Love and her gluttons for glamour are putting together another year of late-night burlesque entertainment at the Sheraton. Put this one on the list, Sunday at midnight. You should probably get in line now to get in the door by showtime; the line for this party wraps around the block by early Saturday night.

Yule Ball

8:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 1, Marriott Imperial Ballroom, 265 Peachtree Center Ave., Atlanta.

Anyone can be a wizard at this long-standing, favorited Dragon Con party. The Yule Ball is a Harry Potter-themed, DJP hosted event at the Marriott Imperial Ballroom on Sunday night. Young wizards can come, but after 10:00 p.m. the wizarding world belongs to adults only.