Video: Sheep thinks it’s a dog, frolics in snow

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A video originally posted in February of a sheep frolicking in the snow like a dog has gone viral.

The clip gained new life when it was posted on Twitter Dec. 27 and picked up by Mashable.

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Pet the sheep was orphaned as a lamb and grew up around Dice, the oldest of four collies on a farm.

Jemma Mackenzie, who took video of the lamb at her parent's house, said the sheep is close with the dog.

"Pet would follow her everywhere, even sleeping in the same bed together," she said in the video's description.

The sheep, which lives in Lochbroom in Highland, Scotland, appears to have adapted its behavior from the dogs it grew up with.

"I always found it hilarious when Pet would start jumping around with all our collies, so (I) decided to start filming her one day," said Mackenzie.

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